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TRACS -Treasury Accounting System

TRACS Treasury Accounting System for Government institutions for budget allotment and expenditure control. It can be implemented at Head Office as well as Drawing Disbursing Offices(DDO).It follows Budget Manual of the Government.

  • TRACS-H - For Department level FMS
  • TRACS-D - For DDO level FMS


Objectives of TRACS

  • Effective utilization of funds
  • Elimination of possibility of wrong allocation
  • Scheme/ Object code wise Convergence of funds
  • Transparency of operations ( Norm based allocation of funds )
  • Budget-head wise control
  • DDO ( Drawing Disbursing Office ) wise control
  • Expenditure location wise control
  • Re-appropriation of heads
  • Surrender of unused funds
  • Object code wise analysis
  • Trends of expenditure
  • Reconciliation with treasuries