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Realtek Sales Solution


real Realtek Sales Solution is an ERP for Real Estate developers for entire sales process. Using this solution a user can:-

  • Manage all activities related to sale of Real Estate properties.
  • Define multiple companies and multiple projects/ schemes within each company.
  • Provide flexibility in defining cost heads, payment schedules and price charts - Project wise/ property wise.
  • Deploy on a web server or Intranet/VPN Server or Local Area Network depending on the geographic spread of the organization
  • Assign different functional roles to different people. Eg. - Sales Staff will have access only to occupancy chart and booking/ blocking of properties. Sales Manager can approve the booking. Accounts clerk can only receive the payment, Accounts manager would view the outstanding statement and generate reminders on due stages.
  • Manage Brokers/ Agents commission structure and compute their payouts.
  • Manage requests for flat swapping, transfers and cancellations
  • Integrate SMS/ E-mail gateways