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FMS for World Bank

Financial Management Systems for World Bank Projects

Project Sector Locations Organization Size Funded By Application Running Since
Rs. Cr $ Million
uphsdp Health Sector Reforms States of U.P. 500 8.33 World Bank 2005
U.P. Health System Development Project (World Bank Aided)
Uttranchal-Health-System Health Services Reforms States of Uttaranchal 250 4.16 World Bank 2005
Uttranchal Health System Development Project
Rajasthan-Health-System Health Services Reforms Head Office and 32 District Project Management Centers (DPMCs) 500 8.33 World Bank 2007
Rajasthan Health System Development Project (World Bank Aided)
Himalayan Watershed/ livelihood Project 14 District of Himachal Pradesh 500 8.33 World Bank 2008
Mid Himalayan Watershed Development Project